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Pet strapping roll Available in numerous dimensions and other specifications, our optimum array of PET Strapping Rolls are made by finest of raw materials as per industrial standards and quality guidelines. They are specially recommended in cases of heavy duty packaging or palletizing. We, being famous as a supplier and distributer in mp indore india provide our esteemed clients with our range of high strength, tear resistant, water proof and cost effective PETStrapping Rolls.   Unique Features : Made from premium quality materials High tensile strength Premium performance Cost effective measure Prefect alternative to steel straps Widely Used In : Meat Processing Units Newspaper Units Tiles industries Airports Welding Specification : Use Type: Suitable for high production Fully Automatic power strapping machines Pneumatic Manual Tools Battery Operated Manual Tools Manual Sealer & Tensor 
Standard Core Sizes As Required: Packing : 1 Roll in one paper sheet/ carton Standard Colour : Green Strap Weight / Meter : Variation within ±5%
stretch film These films protect your products from scratches, abrasions, stains and other damage and ensure that they reach your customers as good as new. Our Cast Stretch Films can be used for variety of loads and can help create load Securitization for your goods in transit. we uses special & High Quality polymers to ensure the products are stable and of high quality to ensure better yield to our customers. our Stretch Comes in three basic variations: Hand Grade, Machine Grade & Power Machine Grade PowerStretch Hand Grade: This is a premium grade hand film made with special orientation for a stronger film at thinner guages. It gives a minimum stretch percentage of 150%. Rolls are light weight and easy to use which minimizes wrapper fatigue even for persons of small stature. POWERSTRETCH offers low case prices and on-the-load cost. Less film per load also equals less stress on the environment PowerStretch Machine Grade: This is our best selling general purpose cast co-extruded stretch film for machine applications. This versatile, competitively priced stretch film’s broad specifications provide for excellent performance when wrapping most loads. With stretch percentage between 250-300%, it provides for high levels of strength, puncture resistance and cling. Clear optics and quiet unwind make this film the top choice for the widest range of applications. PowerStretch XS Machine grade: This is our extra strong cast co-extruded stretch film for machine applications. This versatile, competitively priced stretch film’s broad specifications provide for excellent performance when wrapping most loads. With stretch percentage of 350%, it provides for very high levels of strength, puncture resistance and cling. Clear optics and quiet unwind make this film the top choice for the widest range of applications. Advantages of Stretch Made from high quality and high technology LLDPE Resins Manufactured in High Speed High European Line Due to Stable and Flat film with just 0.50 micron of variation in Thickness, Thinner films can be used to reduce cost per pallet. Identical Net Weight of all rolls so easy for stock taking and consumption calculation PIB free material having superior cling property same as European, American or Malaysian Products. Offers Cost reduction possibilities due to lower grams per sq mt.
CONTINIOUS ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION SEALING MACHINE SPECIFICATION Input Voltage - Ac220+-10%, 50Hz Input Voltage - <10A Sealing Current - Static<2A Dynamic<10A Operating Frequency -70-80 KHz Output Power -<=2000W Enclosure Protection Case - P21 Sealing Diameter - (1)20mm-(1)130mm Optimal Diameter - (1)30mm-(1)120mm Bottles Height - 40-400mm Transportation Diameter -<=(1)200mm Sealing Speed - 2 to 12 m/min (bottle size, material and sealing membrane) Conveyor Unit Bearing Load -<=20Kg External dimension - 115x60x40mm Net weight - 40Kg The Technology in which aluminium plastic composite materials get heated and seated through electromagnetic induction is a relatively advanced and popular non-contact sealing technology both at home and abroad. The electromagnetic induction sealing machine manufactured under this principle has increasingly become the necessary equipment in medicine, pesticide, greas, subsidairy foodstuff, health product, beverge, cosmetics, chemical and other indutries for high-quality airtight sealing of plastic, glass ams other non metalic bottles, so as to improve product quality level, achieve enhanced sealing and shelf life performance as well as meet higher requirments for anti-theft ans security. Based on the principle that metal objects would produce vortex and thus generate heat under the high frequency electromanetic field this machine field, this machine relies upon electromagnetic induction aluminium to make foil heat and melt adhesive membrane on the lower layer of aluminium foil to bond with the sealing surface , to realize continuous, fast and non contact sealing work. The sealing range of machine is adjustable and with either large or small sealing surgance, can get the ideal sealing quality and efficiently. In case of the equipment failure of the machine in the course of work the converyor automattically stops working to realize the function of isolating the products sealed and those unsealed. The conveyor belt adopts electronic steplessspeed adjustment and durring the processes can based on voltage and current charges make speed adjustment in a timely manner in order to achieve the best sealing quality. This machine has supply and voltage meter and sealing ammeter so that it can make timely adjustments when voltage and currnt fails to meet normal jobs requirments to ensure the sealing quality.
FLOOR MARKING TAPES SPECIFICATION Uniform thickness and width through out the length. Better Performance compare to paints. It resists water, Weather, acids, alkalies, oil, greases and gasoline. Free from wrinkles and air bubbles making it easy to apply uniformly without distortion and frayed edge. Spicial dispenser available. colour availables Red, Red/White, Yellow, Green, White/Green, Blue, Black, White Yellow/Black.
D/S POLYESTER TAPES Self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET backing and a modified acrylic adhesive with transparent Salmon Pink colour PE Liner. Excellent Resistance to demanding enviromental. SPECIFICATION High bond tape used in many applications required high tensile strength and long term ageing. This tape provides a strong rigid bond for the most demanding external application. It is excellent for bonding rigid extrusion and is ideal for applications requiring an almost tarnsparent finish. Most suitable for fixing of reflection foil to LCD frame, slicing of thin plastic films, flex to flex joining. Excellent handling performance in converting processes mounting of metal or plastic badges and signs.
KRAFT PAPER TAPES SPECIFICATION Strong adhesive ability. Good performance in re-stripping & packaging. rocommended for export packing. Environment Friendly.
air bubble For packing bottles, ampules etc. (visuals) It's flexible and heat sealable Can be customised in supply - cut pieces, sleeves and bags or pouches Reduced packing labour and cost Ensures effective protection 6mm dia bubble films most popular- small bubble height saves on precious packing space and includes larger number of Bubble/SqMtr for better surface protection and higher redundancy against bubble puncture. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Durables as well as Non-durables) It's ideal for Packing of: Refrigerators Televisions VCRs DVDs / VCDs Washing machines . Computers, Printer & Peripherals and host of other appliances and products It is the most preferred solution for repacking in distribution centres of FMCG goods. Air Cellular Cushioning 30 Prop last's range of air cellular products are the most versatile and flexible packaging material available offering Increased cushioning performance Reduced material costs Labour savings Lower shipping costs
packaging tape we have a wide range of high-quality BOPP (bioxially oriented polypropylene) tapes. Our self-adhesive tapes are used by hundreds of leading Indian and International companies for a variety of packaging applications.Our BOPP tapes, manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, are strong, have superb adhesion and can withstand extremes of temperature and pressure. They have been designed to provide complete protection to packages during transit and handling. They are ideal for use in automatic packing machines. our BOPP tapes are tamper-proof and are available in a variety of colours, thickness, roll lengths and roll widths (see specifications). We also manufacture custom-printed or signature tapes that can be printed with your company's logo or product name. This not only prevents tampering, it also provides companies a branding opportunity. Advantages of Powerband BOPP Tapes: Superb tack and adhesion to surface Strong grip due to excellent adhesive backing Quality processing equipment that guarantees consistent quality Uniform coating process Assured and marked tape length Durable. Long shelf life. Peak performance even under extreme pressure and temperature conditions Custom printed tapes upto 3 colours
Our Pet straps (Polyester Strapping) is tested and recommended for all well- Established packaging machines applying for the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. Customers from around the world can rely on our strapping. PET Strapping is a new rage in the packaging sector and is steadily replacing Steel Strapping across all industry segments ranging from glass, lumber, paper, ceramics to brass rods, ingots etc. We use premium raw materials and additives. Alternative colors and surface types (smooth or embossed treatment) The most effective substitute of the high cost steel strap Very high tensile strength (similar to the strength of steel Strap up to 80%)